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CONFECTIONERY CONT’D....  D      Milk Tray
 D      Mini Eggs
 BENDICKS  Not to be confused with Mini Creme Eggs, which   Bakeries
 k    Bittermints  are not approved.
 k    Chocolate Mint Crisps
 k    Mint Collection  D    Picnic
 D      Snack Sandwich Chocolate
 BOOJA BOOJA  D      Snack Shortcake
 69g boxes only. For stockists see      NK  Starbar  D    Twirl
 k    Truffles Chocolate Dark Ecuadorian  D      Twirl Bites
 k    Truffles Chocolate Raspberry
 D    Wispa
 B RAW CAKES  D      Wispa Gold
 Only listed products are certified. For stockists
 k    Bar Brawnty  P    Apple
 k    Bar Snikkerz  D    Caramel
 P    Cherry
 CADBURY  D      Cocoa Vanilla
 D      Bitsa Wispa  P    Cola
   NK  Boost  P      Cola Lemon
   NK   Boost Bites    NK   Crazy Dips Strawberry
 P      Bournville Classic  P    Mini
 P      Bournville Giant Buttons  P    Orange
 P      Bournville Old Jamaica  P    Raspberry
 P      Bournville Orange  D      Raspberry Vanilla
 D      Buttons White  P    Strawberry
 D      Caramel Egg  D      Strawberry Cream
 D    Chomp  D    Vanilla
 D      Creme Egg
 40g eggs only. Mini Creme Eggs are not   P    Watermelon
 D      Creme Egg Twisted Bag  S      Liquorice Soft Original
 D    Crunchie  S      Liquorice Soft Strawberry
 D      Crunchie Rocks  DIVINE
 D      Curly Wurly
 D      Dairy Milk  P      Dark Chocolate 70%
 D      Dairy Milk 30% Less Sugar  P      Dark Chocolate 85%  The Bagel Place • The Brown Bear Bakery • Bonjour
 D      Dairy Milk Buttons  P      Dark Chocolate Ginger & Orange
 Includes Giant Buttons.  P      Dark Chocolate Hazelnut  La Brioche • Carmelli • Cohens Bakery
 P      Dark Chocolate Mint Crisp
 D      Dairy Milk Buttons Mixed  P      Dark Chocolate Pink Himalayan Salt  Crème de la Crème • Daniels • The Family Bread
 D      Dairy Milk Caramel  P      Dark Chocolate Raspberries
 D      Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles  P      Dark Chocolate Thins Mint  Grodzinski Golders Green • Grodzinski Hendon
 D      Dairy Milk Crunchie Bits  D      Dark Chocolate Thins Salted
 D      Dairy Milk Freddo  Caramel  Hendon Bagel Bakery • Just Kosher
 D      Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut  D      Milk Chocolate 45%  King’s Bakery & Pizzeria • Munch ‘N Crunch
   NK   Dairy Milk Marvellous Maynards    SD   Milk Chocolate Coins
 D      Dairy Milk Turkish  D      Milk Chocolate Orange  Parkway Finchley • Parkway Golders Green
 D      Dairy Milk Wholenut  D      Milk Chocolate Smooth
 D      Darkmilk Original  D      Milk Chocolate Toffee & Sea Salt  Parkway Wembley • Perele’s Cakes • Pourtoi (Gluten Free)
 D      Double Decker  D      White Chocolate
 D      Eclairs Classic  D      White Chocolate Strawberries  Renbake • Sharon’s Edgware • Sharon’s Hendon • So Real
 D    Flake
 D    Fudge  ELIZABETH SHAW  Tami’s Cakery • Woodberry Down • Yossi’s Bakery
 D    Heroes  P      Crisp Dark Mint
 Heroes containing any of the following   D      Crisp Milk Mint
 chocolates are permitted: Creme Egg Twisted,
 Crunchie Bits, Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk Caramel,   D      Crisp Milk Orange
 Dinky Decker, Eclairs, Fudge, Twirl and Wispa.  D      Crisp Milk Salted Caramel
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 8  k  Certified by the KLBD  k  Certified by the KLBD  P Approved Parev   D Dairy (not Chalav Yisrael)   NK Not Kosher  Nut Free  9
 (Parev) logo on pack
 (Parev) no logo
       S Certified by other Rabbinates   CY Chalav Yisrael
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