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CEREAL, FRUIT & NUT BARS CONT'D....      Crunchy Oats & Dark Chocolate  CHOCOLATE &   BOOJA BOOJA
        Frusli Cranberries & Apple      Crunchy Oats & Hazelnut  SWEET SPREADS         69g boxes only. Available from Waitrose and
                                                                                       Ocado. For details of stockists visit
        Frusli Raisins & Hazelnuts      Crunchy Oats & Honey                 
     N   Frusli Red Berries        Crunchy Peanut            CADBURY                   k   Truffl es Chocolate Dark Ecuadorian
        Luxury Absolute Nut        Crunchy Roasted Almond        Milk Chocolate        k   Truffl es Chocolate Raspberry
                                   Crunchy Variety Pack
    KELLOGG'S                      Popcorn Peanut & Sunfl ower Seed  MERIDIAN          B RAW CAKES
     N   Cereal Bars               Popcorn Salted Caramel, Almond &       Cocoa & Hazelnut  Only listed products are certifi ed. Selected
     N   Pop Tarts                  Pretzel                      Cocoa & Peanut        products are available from Kosher Kingdom and
     N   Rice Krispies Squares      Sweet & Salty Nut Dark Chocolate,                  independent health food shops. For stockists
                                                                                       and online orders visit
                                    Peanut & Almond          NUTELLA
    Only the following Special K Cereal Bars are                                       k   Bar Brawnty
    kosher:                        Sweet & Salty Nut Peanut      Hazelnut Cocoa        k   Bar Snikkerz
        Special K Apricot & Sultanas                             Nutella & Go
        Special K Chocolate Milk  NATURE'S PATH                                        CADBURY
         Special K Chocolate Milk Belgian       Granola Bars Dark Choc Chip  NUTURAL WORLD      Bitsa Wispa
                                                             Certifi ed with or without the KLBD logo.
        Special K Dark Chocolate &        Granola Bars Trail Mix  Selected products available from kosher stores.    N  Boost
         Cranberry                                           For stockists and online purchases visit    N   Boost Bites
         Special K Peach & Apricot  PULSIN                   Bournville Classic
                              Certifi ed with or without the KLBD logo. Available
         Special K Red Berry  from selected supermarkets, independent health   k  Chocolate Halva      Bournville Giant Buttons
        Special K Red Berry Juicy  food shops and online from  k  Sesame & Dates      Buttons White
                              k   Fruity Oat Choc & Raisin                                  Caramel Egg
    LARABAR                   k   Fruity Oat Orange Choc Chip  PLAMIL SO FREE              Chomp
        Banana Choc Chip      k   Fruity Oat Strawberry      Available from independent health and wholefood       Creme Egg
        Peanut Butter Choc Chip                              shops and online from  40g eggs only. Mini Creme Eggs are not
                                                             k  Chocolate Alternative to Milk   approved.
                              QUAKER                         k  Chocolate Dark
    MERIDIAN                    N   Oat So Simple Morning
     N  Bars                                                                             N   Creme Egg Twisted
                                N   Porridge to Go           SWEET FREEDOM                 Crunchie
    NAKD                                                      N   Choc Pot                  Crunchie Rocks
    k   Apple Danish          ROO'BAR                                                       Curly Wurly
                              Available from independent health food stores
    k   Bakewell Tart         and online retailers. For stockist details visit   TIPTREE      Dairy Milk
    k   Banana Bread                    Banoffee                   Dairy Milk Buttons
    k   Berry Bliss           k   Baobab Ginger                  Chocolate             Includes Giant Buttons.
    k   Berry Delight         k   Cacao                           Salted Caramel            Dairy Milk Buttons Mixed
    k   Blueberry Muffi n     k   Cacao Nibs                                                Dairy Milk Caramel
    k   Carrot Cake           k   Cherry Party               CONFECTIONERY                  Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles
    k   Cashew Cookie         k   Chia Coconut               See also SUGAR FREE CONFECTIONERY p.42.      Dairy Milk Crunchie Bits
    k   Cocoa Coconut         k   Goji Berry                                                Dairy Milk Freddo
    k   Cocoa Delight         k   Inca Berry Orange          ADAMS                          Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut
    k   Cocoa Orange          k   Liquorice Chilli            N  Bubbaloo                N   Dairy Milk Marvellous Maynards
    k   Cocoa Twist           k   Maca Cranberry                                            Dairy Milk Turkish
    k   Coffee & Walnut       k   Mango Magic                ALTOIDS                        Dairy Milk Wholenut
    k   Crunch Apple                                          N  Peppermints
    k   Crunch Apricot        k   Mulberry Vanilla                                          Darkmilk Original
    k   Crunch Banana         k   Rosehip                    AUSTRALIAN SOFT EATING         Double Decker
    k   Crunch Cocoa          k   Strawberries 4Ever         LIQUORICE                      Eclairs Classic
    k   Crunch Strawberry                                        Green Apple               Flake
    k   Ginger Bread          RUDE HEALTH                       Original                   Fudge
    k   Lemon Drizzle         k   Sweet Potato & Cacao          Strawberry             Heroes containing any of the following
    k   Peanut Delight        k   The Beetroot                                         chocolates are permitted: Creme Egg Twisted,
    k   Pecan Pie             k   The Coconut                BARRATT                   Crunchie Bits, Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk Caramel,
    k   Salted Caramel        k   The Peanut                  N   All Products         Dinky Decker, Eclairs, Fudge, Twirl and Wispa.
                              k   The Pumpkin                                          Please note that regular Creme Egg Twisted is
                                                                                       Not Kosher.
    NATURE VALLEY                                            BENDICKS
        Crunchy Canadian Maple Syrup  TRACKER                k  Bittermints                 Milk Tray
        Crunchy Coconut            Chocolate Chip            k  Chocolate Mint Crisps       Mini Eggs
        Crunchy Ginger Nut         Chocolate Chip White      k  Elizabethan Dark Chocolate Mints  Not to be confused with Mini Creme Eggs, which
        Crunchy Oats & Berries     Crunchy Peanut            k  Mint Collection        are not approved.
     8       k  Certifi ed by the KLBD  k  Certifi ed by the KLBD  P Approved Parev   D Dairy (not Chalav Yisrael)   NK Not Kosher  Nut Free  9
                                       (Parev) no logo
               (Parev) logo on pack
                                                                S Certifi ed by other Rabbinates   CY Chalav Yisrael
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