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    Shortbread Highland
 To request a list of products which are       Shortbread Highland Petticoat Tails  WARBURTONS  CEREAL, FRUIT
 GLUTEN FREE email The       Shortbread Lemon  Pas Palter. Only listed products are kosher   & NUT BARS
 list is compiled based on information from the       Shortbread Stem Ginger  certifi ed. The bracha for all products, including   Products containing whole or chopped
    Crumpets and Muffi ns, is Hamotzi.
 manufacturers and the KLBD does not accept   k  Bagels Cinnamon & Raisin  dates are not approved unless kosher certifi ed as
 responsibility for its accuracy. You are advised   WALKERS  dates are often infested and are diffi cult to check.
 to make your own, independent enquiries.  k  Bagels Plain  See also ENERGY & PROTEIN SNACKS p.20
     Biscuits  k  Bagels Thin Cinnamon & Raisin  and FRUIT SNACKS p.22. Some of the products
     Shortbread  k  Bagels Thin Plain  in this section are gluten or wheat free. To
 BISCUITS  k  Bagels Thin Protein Seeded  request a list of all products that are gluten free
 Only kosher certifi ed biscuits should   BREAD  k  Barm Cakes  or wheat free, email
 be purchased. Many KLBD licensees  k  Buns Burger Seeded  ALPEN
 produce a wide range of biscuits   One should always buy Pas Yisrael
 which are available from kosher   bread - Jewish baked kosher bread -   k  Crumpets   N  Bars
 bakeries, kosher stores and   whenever possible. Pas Palter - bread   k  Crumpets Giant
 supermarkets with a kosher section.  produced in a non-Jewish commercial bakery with   k  Flatbreads Malted Grain & Seeds  CADBURY
 kosher ingredients - may be purchased when no       Brunch Bar Choc Chip
 DOVES FARM FREEE  similar Pas Yisrael product is readily available. Bread   k  Flatbreads White      Brunch Bar Peanut
        Fruit Loaf Cinnamon & Raisin
 which is not kosher certifi ed is not permitted.
 k  Cookies Chocolate Chip  k  Fruit Loaf Orange      Brunch Bar Raisin
 k  Cookies Double Chocolate  COHENS BAKERY   k  Half Loaf White Medium
 k  Cookies Lemon Zest  BUCKINGHAM BOULANGERIE  k  Lancashire’s Thorough Bread  COFRESH
 k  Cookies Stem Ginger  Pas Yisrael. Available from Ocado, Selfridges,   k  Loaf Batch Pulses & Seeds  k  Coconut
 Whole Foods Market and selected branches   k  Peanut
 KOOKIE CAT  of Morrisons and Waitrose. For stockists of   k  Loaf Batch Seeded  k  Sesame
 Available from health food shops and online from   individual products, see  k  Loaf Crusty  Not to be confused with Sesame Bites Bar which  k  Bagels  k  Loaf Danish  is neither certifi ed nor approved.
 k  Cacao Nibs Walnut  k  Challa  k  Loaf Farmhouse White (800g)
 k  Chia Lemon  k  Challa Rolls  400g loaf is not certifi ed.  DOVES FARM FREEE
 k  Hemp Cacao  k  Pitta Bread  k  Oat Bars Apple Sultana
 k  Pineapple Orange  k  Rye  k  Loaf Half & Half Medium  k  Oat Bars Apricot Chia
 k  Vanilla Choc Chip  k  Loaf Soft White Medium  k  Oat Bars Banana Hemp Seed
 HOVIS  k  Loaf Soft White Thick  k  Oat Bars Chocolate Chip
 NESPRESSO  Pas Palter. Only certifi ed when bearing the   k  Loaf White Medium
 Available from Nespresso shops and online from   KLBD logo.  k  Loaf White Thickest  EAT REAL Tel: 0800 442 442.   k  Best of Both (750g)  k  Loaf Wholemeal Medium  Certifi ed with or without the KLBD logo.
 Only the following are approved:  k  Farmhouse Soft White  k  Muffi ns Toasting
    Amaretti  k  Farmhouse Wholemeal  k  Rolls Half & Half     Almond, Cashew & Peanut
                                    Cashew & Cranberry
    Cantuccini  k  Granary Original (800g)  k  Rolls Hotdog     Cashew, Sultana & Pumpkin Seed
 400g loaf is not certifi ed.  k  Rolls White     Date & Peanut
 A kosher supervised version of Oreos is available   k  Granary Wholemeal  k  Rolls Wholemeal     Fruit & Nut Milk Chocolate
 from kosher stores.  k  Nimble Malted Wholegrain  k  Rolls Wholemeal Batch     Fruit & Nut Yoghurt Coated
  N  Biscuits  k  Teacakes Fruity  k  Hazelnut
 k  Nimble Wholemeal           k   Mixed Nut
 k  Seed Sensations Granary Batch  k  Thins Brown
 POURTOI  k  Thins Half & Half  k  Pistachio Nut
 KLBD certifi ed gluten free, wheat free, dairy free,   k  Seed Sensations Seven Seeds   k  Thins White  k  Sesame, Hazelnut & Honey
 lactose free Biscuits & Cookies. Available from   Original (800g)
 kosher stores, health food stores, small retailers   400g loaf is not certifi ed.  k  Toastie Half & Half  GET FRUITY
 and online at   k  Toastie Half Loaf
 Call 020 3674 3156 for stockists.  k  Seed Sensations Sunfl ower &   k  Toastie Pockets Brown   N  Bars
 Pumpkin Seed  k  Toastie Pockets White
 RAKUSEN'S  k  Seed Sensations Wholemeal  k  Toastie Sourdough  GO AHEAD
 k  Chocolate Bears  k  Soft White  k  Toastie Super   N   Crispy Slices
 k  Chocolate Oatie  k  Soft White Half Loaf  k  Toastie White   N   Fruit Bakes
 k  Digestive  k  White Bloomer  k  Toastie Wholemeal   N   Yogurt Breaks
 k  Digestive Dark Chocolate  k  Wholemeal  k  Wonderloaf
 k  Spiced Ginger with Cinnamon  k  Wholemeal & Tasty Spelt  GOODNESSKNOWS
 k  Wholemeal Tasty  CAKES & PASTRIES     Apple, Peanut & Almond
 SCHAR  k  Wholemeal Tasty Half Loaf     Blueberry & Almond
     Chocolate Fingers  Only supervised cakes, etc can be      Cranberry & Almond
    guaranteed, as others can be made with non-     Raisin, Oat & Almond
 MOTHERS PRIDE  kosher fats such as lard, mono & di-glycerides
 WAITROSE DUCHY ORGANIC  Pas Palter. Only certifi ed when bearing the   and other ingredients of non-kosher origin. Some
     Biscuits Chocolate Ginger  KLBD logo.  supervised brands are available in supermarkets   JORDANS
     Biscuits Chocolate Orange  k  White  which stock kosher products. So Real bakery       Frusli Apple & Cinnamon
     Shortbread Chocolate Vanilla  k  Wholemeal  sells cakes made from spelt.   N   Frusli Blueberries
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