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To request a list of products which are    k    Digestive Dark Chocolate  MOTHERS PRIDE
 GLUTEN OR WHEAT FREE email    k    Nice  Pas Palter.  CHOCOLATE & The list is compiled    k    Spiced Ginger with Cinnamon     SWEET SPREADS
 based on information from the manufacturers   k    Vanilla Bears  k    White Scottish Plain
 and the KLBD does not accept responsibility    CADBURY
 for its accuracy. You are advised to make    WAITROSE DUCHY ORGANIC  WARBURTONS  D      Milk Chocolate
 your own, independent enquiries.  D      Biscuits Chocolate Ginger  Pas Palter. Only listed products are kosher
 D      Biscuits Chocolate Orange  certified. The bracha is Hamotzi for all products,   MERIDIAN
 BISCUITS  D      Biscuits Oaten  including Bagels, Crumpets and Muffins.  P      Cocoa & Hazelnut

        Bagels Cinnamon & Raisin
 Only kosher certified biscuits    D      Biscuits Oaten Rosemary & Thyme  k    Bagels Plain  P      Cocoa & Peanut
 should be purchased. Many    D      Shortbread Chocolate & Vanilla  k    Bagels Sesame  NUTELLA
 KLBD licensees produce a wide range    D      Shortbread Highland
 of biscuits which are available from kosher   k    Bagels Thin Cinnamon & Raisin  D      Hazelnut Cocoa
 bakeries, kosher stores and supermarkets with a   D      Shortbread Lemon  k    Bagels Thin Plain  D      Nutella & Go
 kosher section.  D      Shortbread Stem Ginger  k    Bagels Thin Protein Seeded
    k    Bloomer Batch White   NUTURAL WORLD
 DOVES FARM FREEE  WALKERS  k    Bloomer Lancashire’s   Certified with or without KLBD logo. For stockists
 k    Cookies Chocolate Chip    SD  Biscuits  Thoroughbread  see
 k    Cookies Double Chocolate    SD  Cookies  k    Buns Burger Seeded Sliced  k    Chocolate Halva
 k    Cookies Lemon Zest    SD  Shortbread  k    Crumpets  k    Sesame & Dates
 k    Cookies Stem Ginger  k    Crumpets Giant  PLAMIL SO FREE
 BREAD  k    Fruit Loaf Cinnamon & Raisin  For stockists see
 KOOKIE CAT  k    Fruit Loaf Orange
 For stockists see  One should always buy    k    Half Loaf White Medium  k  Chocolate Alternative to Milk
 k    Almond Chocolate  Pas Yisrael bread - Jewish baked kosher bread -   k    Loaf Batch Pulses & Seeds  k    Chocolate Dark
 k    Cacao Nibs Walnut  whenever possible. Pas Palter - bread produced   k    Loaf Batch Seeded  SESAME KINGDOM
 in a non-Jewish commercial bakery with kosher
 k    Chia Lemon  ingredients - may be purchased when no similar   k    Loaf Danish  Available from
 k    Hemp Cacao  Pas Yisrael product is readily available. Bread   k    Loaf Farmhouse White  k    Halva
 k    Pineapple Orange  which is not kosher certified is not permitted.  k    Loaf Soft White Medium  k    Tahini Chocolate
 k    Salted Caramel  COHENS BAKERY    k    Loaf Soft White Thick
 k    Vanilla Choc Chip  k    Loaf White Medium  SWEET FREEDOM
 NESPRESSO  Pas Yisrael. For stockists see  k      Loaf White Thickest
 Only the following are approved. Available from   k    Bagels  k    Loaf Wholemeal Medium  TIPTREE
 Nespresso shops and  k    Challa  k  Loaf Wholemeal Thick   D  Banoffee
 P    Amaretti  k    Challa Rolls  k      Muffins Toasting   D  Chocolate
 D    Cantuccini  k    Pitta Breads  k    Rolls Half & Half Sliced   D  Chocolate Orange
        Rolls Hotdog Sliced
 OREO  k    Rye  k    Rolls White Large   D  Curd Black Currant
 A kosher supervised version of Oreos is available   HOVIS  k    Rolls White Sliced   D  Curd Lemon
 from kosher stores.  Pas Palter. Only certified when bearing the   k    Rolls Wholemeal Sliced   D  Curd Lime
   NK  Biscuits  KLBD logo.  k    Teacakes Fruity   D  Curd Passionfruit
                                 D  Salted Caramel
 POURTOI  k    Best of Both (750g)  k      Thins Brown
        Thins White
 KLBD certified gluten, wheat, dairy and lactose   k    Farmhouse Soft White     CONFECTIONERY
 free biscuits and cookies. For stockists see   k    Farmhouse Wholemeal  k  Thins Wonder For a full list of products see    k    Granary Authentic (800g)  k    Toastie Half Loaf  See also SUGAR FREE  400g loaf is not certified.  k    Toastie Pockets Brown  CONFECTIONERY p.42.
    k    Toastie Pockets White
 PREWETTS     k    Toastie Sourdough  ADAMS
 Only the following are certified. Other products   k  Granary Wholemeal       NK  Bubbaloo
 are not approved.  k    Nimble Wholemeal  k    Toastie Super
  D  Chocoful  k    Seed Sensations Seven Seeds   k    Toastie White  ALTOIDS
  D  Cookies Chewy Oat & Raisin  Original (800g)  k    Toastie Wholemeal    NK  Peppermints
  D  Cookies Spicy Dark Chocolate &   400g loaf is not certified.  k  Wonderloaf
 Ginger                        AUSTRALIAN SOFT EATING
  D  Digestive Biscuits  k  Seed Sensations Sunflower &   CAKES &    LIQUORICE
  D  Jammy Wheels  Pumpkin Seed  PASTRIES  Available from Lakeland.
 k    Seed Sensations Wholemeal  Only supervised cakes, etc    P      Green Apple
 RAKUSEN’S  k    Soft White  can be guaranteed, as others can be made   P    Original
 k    Choc Chip  k    Soft White Half Loaf  with non-kosher fats such as lard, mono &   P    Strawberry
 k    Chocolate Bears  k    White Bloomer  di-glycerides and other ingredients of non-kosher
    origin. Some supervised brands are available in
 k    Chocolate Oatie  k    Wholemeal Tasty  supermarkets which stock kosher products. So   BARRATT
 k    Digestive  k    Wholemeal Tasty Half Loaf  Real bakery sells products made from spelt.    NK   All Products
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