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k    GUESS WHAT'S IN YOUR FOOD                           k   USING THE PRODUCT LISTINGS

                 You’d be amazed what your food is made of! Several common   PRODUCTS WHICH ARE KLBD CERTIFIED
                 confectionery ingredients can be of animal origin such as   Like many kashrut authorities around the world, the KLBD uses the American
                 gelatine, glycerine, and stearate, whilst the natural red colour   kosher logo system. Companies whose products are KLBD certifi ed are signatories
                 of cochineal (E120) is made from beetles! Furthermore, even   to a lengthy legal contract binding them to particular ingredients, suppliers and
                 if the ingredients listed on the label may suggest a particular
                 product is fi ne, ‘release agents’, ie fats used on the production   manufacturing processes approved by the KLBD. These factories also undergo
                 line, might be non-kosher. In fact, even products which claim   regular Rabbinic inspection. As in the American system, baked products are not
                 to be ‘vegetarian’ could be non kosher, if the factory which   necessarily Pas Yisrael, and dairy products may be Chalav Akum.
                 makes them uses the same equipment for products containing
    ingredients of animal origin.                            PRODUCTS WITHOUT CERTIFICATION, APPROVED FOR THE NOSH GUIDE
                                                             Products listed in the Nosh Guide which are neither supervised nor bearing the logo
    This guide has been produced by the KLBD to advise you what you can and   have been investigated by our food technologists and approved on this basis. The
    can’t eat.  Some 700 products listed are kosher certifi ed by the KLBD and we are   investigations cover ingredients, any processing aids and shared use of equipment.
    delighted that the range of certifi ed products continues to grow, including new
    additions to the Warburton’s range, several makes of fruit crisps, many new snack   k  EXPLANATION OF KASHRUT SYMBOLS
    and energy bars and a new range of sugar free chocolates.
                                                                   Products under the supervision of or certifi ed by KLBD, logo on packaging.
    Special thanks are due to Rosalind Coten, Dalia Bloch, Elisheva Wolfson, Michal
    Emanuel, Naomi Green, Lea Riegelhaupt and Paula Kaye for their meticulous work   Parev unless indicated Dairy.
    in researching the product list; to David Attiach, graphic designer Steve Berwick and      As above but the KLBD logo does not appear on the packaging.
    the team at Liquid Bubble for the design and production of this guide and to all our   S      Products made under the supervision of other recognised Rabbinical
    advertisers and sponsors. Thanks also to Gita Rotenberg for her input on the design.
                                                                 Authorities. Approved only when bearing the appropriate kashrut symbol
    All details are correct at the time of going to press but are subject to change.  (hechsher).
                                                             CY   Dairy products containing Chalav Yisrael (supervised milk).
    Keep up with the latest kashrut news by signing up to our email or text alerts, our
    Facebook group and Twitter Feed, or download the Kosher London app to receive   D    Dairy products containing Chalav Akum (non-supervised milk).
    notifi cations. You can check the kosher status of products using the superfast   P      Products approved and Parev, ie they contain no milk or
    search at, which is also available as an Android app.  meat ingredients.

    B’teavon                                                 NK   Not kosher.
    Rabbi Jeremy Conway (BA Hons)
    Director KLBD                                              k   PROBLEMATIC E NUMBERS
                                                                 E120     E422       E430    E431      E432
                                                                 E433     E434      E435     E436      E441
        No matter where you are…                                 E442     E470     E470a    E470b      E471
                                                                 E472a    E472b    E472c    E472d     E472e
                                                                 E472f    E473      E474     E475      E476
                                                                 E477     E479b     E481     E482      E483
                                                                 E491     E492      E493     E494      E495
                                                                 E542     E570      E572    E1441

              Information applies to products purchased in the UK
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