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                                                                             5   USING THE PRODUCT LISTINGS
                                                                             5   EXPLANATION OF KASHRUT SYMBOLS
                                                                             5   PROBLEMATIC E NUMBERS
                                                                             6   BISCUITS
                                                                             6   BREAD
                                                                             7   CEREAL, FRUIT & NUT BARS
                                                                             9   CHOCOLATE & SWEET SPREADS
                                                                             9   CONFECTIONERY
                                                                             17   CRACKERS, RICE & CORN CAKES
                                                                             18   CRISPS & SNACKS
                                                                             20  DESSERTS
                                                                             20   ENERGY & PROTEIN SNACKS
                                                                             21   ENERGY DRINKS
                                                                             22   FRUIT SNACKS
                                                                             25   HOT CHOCOLATE & MALTED DRINKS
                                                                             25   ICE CREAM CONES & WAFERS
                                                                             25   ICE CREAMS, LOLLIES & SORBET
                                                                             30   MILK SHAKES & MIXES
                                                                             31  NUTS
                                                                             32   PEANUT BUTTER & MARMITE
                                                                             33  POPCORN
                                                                             33   SOFT DRINKS
                                                                             42   SUGAR FREE CONFECTIONERY
                                                                             43   SYRUPS & TOPPINGS
                                                                             43   YOGHURT DRINKS
                                                                             43   YOGHURTS & DAIRY DESSERTS
                                                             All details are correct at the time of going to press but are subject to change. For the latest
                                                             information check Products not listed or covered by general notes are not
                                                             approved and should not be used.
                                                             The information in this guide is only applicable to products made for the UK market.
                                                             WARNING: The designation ‘Parev’ does not guarantee that a product is suitable for those with
                                                             dairy or lactose intolerance. See further explanation below.
                                                             Products listed as Parev sometimes bear an allergen warning ‘Contains traces of milk’ or
                                                             similar. This is because although not containing milk, they may be processed in close proximity
                                                             to, or in the same factory as, products containing dairy ingredients. The KLBD always takes into
                                                             account shared use of production equipment and cleandown procedures when determining the
                                                             kosher status of a product.
                                                             WARNING: The ‘Nut Free’ symbol is displayed next to a product based on information from
                                                             manufacturers. The KLBD takes no responsibility for this designation. You are advised to check
                                                             the allergen information on each product.
                                                             BREAD:  In the first instance one should always buy Pas Yisrael bread. Pas Palter may be
                                                             purchased when no similar Pas Yisrael product is readily available. See note on p.6.
                                                             It is preferable, whenever possible, to buy products made under Rabbinical supervision.
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