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                               For a full list of approved Simpkins sweets see   CONFECTIONERY COMPANY  D      Butter Candies
    For stockists see  P      After Dinner Mints    NK   All Products  D      Creamy Filling
    k    Dairy Free Chocolate Bears  P      Drops Barley Sugar  TIC TAC                WORLD OF NUTS
    k    Organic Dairy Free Chocolate Hearts  P      Drops Forest Fruit  P      Apple Burst  Chocolate coated fruit and nuts bearing the
    PLAMIL SO FREE             P      Drops Mixed Fruit       NK   Cherry Passion      KLBD logo. Available from kosher stores. For a
                                                                                       full list see
                                                                Fresh Mint
    k    Cocoa Bites Dark      P      Drops Mixed Mint       P      Intense Mint
    k    Cocoa Bites Smooth    P      Drops Orange, Lemon & Grapefruit    NK   Lime & Orange  WRIGLEY’S
    k    Cocoa Bites White     P      Drops Tropical Fruit   P      Mint Rush           P      Gum Airwaves Black Mint
    k    Dark Chocolate Coconut Blossom   P      Liquorice Sticks    NK   Mixers Cherry Cola  P      Gum Airwaves Blackcurrant
    k    Dark Chocolate Extra   P      Olde Miner Original   P      Spearmint Twist     P      Gum Airwaves Cherry Menthol
    k    Dark Chocolate Mint   SKITTLES                      P      Strawberry Fields   P      Gum Airwaves Extreme
    k    Dark Chocolate Orange Tropical   P      Crazy Sours                            P      Gum Airwaves Menthol &
    k    Dark Chocolate Perfectly                           TOBLERONE                       Eucalyptus
    k    Milk Chocolate Alternative   P   P    Fruits        D      Crispy Coconut      P      Gum Doublemint
                                                                                           Gum Extra Bubblegum
    k    Milk Chocolate Organic Half Eggs   P      Wild Berry  D    Dark                P      Gum Extra Cool Breeze
    k    Smooth Cocoa & Coconut                              D      Fruit & Nut         P      Gum Extra Ice Peppermint
    k    White Chocolate Alternative   SMINT                 D   D    Milk              P      Gum Extra Ice Spearmint
    PLAYIN CHOC                P    Mint                     D    White                 P      Gum Extra Minis Peppermint
    Available from  P    Spearmint                                 100 piece packs only.
    k    Gift Sets               NK   XXL Strawberry        TREBOR                      P      Gum Extra Minis Spearmint
    k    JustChoc Boxes        STARBURST                      NK   Extra Strong Peppermint  P      Gum Extra Peppermint
    k    ToyChoc Boxes                                        NK   Extra Strong Spearmint
                                 NK   Chewing Gum            P      Soft Fruits         P      Gum Extra Spearmint
    QUIGGIN’S                  P      Chews Original Fruit   P      Softmints Peppermint  P      Gum Extra Strawberry
    P      Kendal Mint Cake Brown  P      Chews Original Minis  P      Softmints Spearmint  P      Gum Extra White
    P      Kendal Mint Cake Chocolate   Other Chews are not approved.  TRIDENT          P      Gum Extra White Bubblemint
         Covered               SULTANS                                                  P      Gum Juicy Fruit
    P      Kendal Mint Cake White                             NK   All Products         P      Gum Spearmint
                               P      Chocolate Ginger                                  P      Mints Extra Peppermint
    RICOLA                     P      Stem Ginger           VIMTO
    For sugar free products in boxes, see SUGAR   P      Turkish Delight Hazelnut    NK   Chewy Sweets  XXX
    FREE CONFECTIONERY p.42.     NK   Turkish Delight Luxury    NK   Tongue Ticklers     NK   Extra Strong Mints
    P      Honey Herb          D      Turkish Delight Milk Chocolate Rose
    P      Honey Lemon Echinacea    Bars
    P      Original Swiss Herb  D      Turkish Delight Milk Chocolate Rose                               k
    ROWNTREES                       Box                         LET US BRING
      NK   All Products        P      Turkish Delight Pistachio  THE KLBD
                               P      Turkish Delight Rose & Lemon Box
    SAINSBURY’S                  NK   Turkish Delight Rose & Lemon Pick &   ROADSHOW
      NK   Fruit Pastilles          Mix
      NK   Liquorice Allsorts  TAVENERS                         TO YOU
      NK   Wine Gums
                                 NK   All Products
    THE DIFFERENCE             TERRY’S                          Over 200 KLBD certifi ed
      NK   Belgian Chocolate Assortment    NK   All Gold Dark
                               D      Chocolate Orange Dark     products (sold in local shops)
    SESAME KINGDOM             D      Chocolate Orange Milk     to see and taste
    Flavoured halvas certified KLBD Parev. Available   D      Chocolate Orange Milk Bar
    from For a full list
    see     THE GREAT CHARACTER              Contact Sharon Feldman Vazan
    SESAME SNAPS               CANDY CO               
    P    Chocolate             P      Surprise Egg Character
    P    Coconut               THE JELLY BEAN FACTORY           07956 563778 / 020 8343 6327
    P    Original              Products are permitted when bearing the OU logo.
                                                                Book now for 2021!
    16       k  Certified by the KLBD  k  Certified by the KLBD  P Approved Parev   D Dairy (not Chalav Yisrael)   NK Not Kosher  Nut Free  17
               (Parev) logo on pack
                                       (Parev) no logo
                                                                S Certified by other Rabbinates   CY Chalav Yisrael
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