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CONFECTIONERY CONT’D....   D      Kit Kat Orange
                               D    Lion
    MAYNARDS BASSETTS          D      Lion Peanut
    Only the listed products are approved.  D    Milkybar
    P      Cherry Drops        D      Milkybar Buttons
    D      Everton Mints       Includes Giant Buttons.
    P      Murray Mints
    P      Sherbet Lemons      D      Munchie Munchies
    MENTOS                     D    Munchies
    Mentos purchased from supermarkets and regular   P      Polo Fruits
    shops are Not Kosher. A kosher version bearing a   P      Polo Original
    hechsher is available from kosher stores.  P      Polo Spearmint
    MILLIONS                   D      Quality Street Assortment
    The products listed are certified with or without   D      Quality Street Matchmakers Cool
    the KLBD logo.                  Mint
    k    Apple                 D      Quality Street Matchmakers Zingy
    k    Blackcurrant               Orange
    k    Bubblegum             D      Quality Street Purely Purple Ones
    k    Cola                  D    Rolo
    k    Multi                 D      Rolo Little
    k    Orange & Lemon        D    Smarties
    k    Raspberry               NK   Smarties Buttons
    k    Strawberry            D      Smarties Mini
      NK  Vimto                D      Smarties Sharing Block
    NESPRESSO                  D      Toffee Crisp
    Available from Nespresso shops and    D      Toffee Crisp Biscuit      D      Toffee Crisp Bitesize
    D      Chocolate Blond     D      Whip Vanilla
    D      Chocolate Dark      D      Whip Walnut
    D      Chocolate Dark Salted Caramel  D    Yorkie
    D      Chocolate Milk      D      Yorkie Biscuits
    NESTLE                     D      Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit
    D      Aero Bar Milk       NIBBLES
    D      Aero Bar Mousse     Chocolate coated fruit, nuts and confectionery
    D      Aero Bar Orange     bearing the KLBD logo. Available from kosher
    D      Aero Bar Peppermint   stores. For a full list see
    D      Aero Bubbles Milk   NIPITS
    D      Aero Bubbles Peppermint   P    Aniseed
    D      After Eight Bites   P    Menthol
    D      After Eight Mints   P    Original
    D      Animal Bar
      NK   Black Magic Assortment  NUTELLA
    D      Blue Riband Original  D      B ready
    D    Breakaway
    D      Breakaway Caramac   PANDA NATURAL
    D    Caramac               D      Liquorice Bar Mint Filled
    D      Crunch Milk         P      Liquorice Bar Original
      NK   Dairy Box The Classic Collection  P      Liquorice Bar Raspberry
      NK   Dairy Box The Deluxe Collection  P      Liquorice Bears Original
    D    Drifter               D      Liquorice Creams
 158 Station Road, Edgware, HA8 7AW  D      Kit Kat   P      Liquorice Original
    D      Kit Kat Chunky      P      Liquorice Raspberry
 Tel: 02089511347  D      Kit Kat Chunky Duo  D      Liquorice Torpedoes
    D      Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter
 Email:   D      Kit Kat Cookies & Cream   PAYNE’S POPPETS
    D      Kit Kat Dark        P    Mint  D      Kit Kat Dark 70%   D    Toffee

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