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    KLENE                        NK   All Products
      NK  Licorice             MARS
    KOSHER DELIGHTS            Balisto products are available from discount
    Lentils and mini fruits bearing the KLBD logo.
    Available from kosher stores. For a full list see    D  Balisto Original Bar           D  Balisto Yoberry Bar
                                 D  Bounty Dark                      Only the best hechsher
    LEONIDAS                     D  Bounty Fun Size
    Some Leonidas chocolates are kosher certified
    by the CRC, although they do not bear a kosher    D  Bounty Milk  for London’s best restaurants
    logo. For a full list see Most   Certified with or without KLBD logo.
    Leonidas stockists should be able to advise
    which chocolates are kosher.   D  Celebrations
                                 D  Galaxy Caramel
    LINDT                        D  Galaxy Cookie Crumble
    D      Creation Milk Chocolate Cake  Not to be confused with McVities Galaxy Cookie
    D      Creation Milk Creme Brulee  Crumble Slices, which are not approved.
    D      Creation Milk Fresh Lemon
    D      Creation Milk Pistachio Delight   D  Galaxy Counters
    P      Excellence Dark 70%   D  Galaxy Crispy
    D      Excellence Dark 78%   D  Galaxy Honeycomb Crisp
    P      Excellence Dark 85%   D  Galaxy Minstrels
    P      Excellence Dark 90%   D  Galaxy Nut Crunch
    P      Excellence Dark 99%   D  Galaxy Ripple
    D      Excellence Dark Caramel Sea Salt   D  Galaxy Salted Caramel
    D      Excellence Dark Chilli   D  Galaxy Smooth Milk
    D      Excellence Dark Intense Cherry   D  Galaxy Swirlers Crunch Caramel
    D      Excellence Dark Intense Coconut   D  Galaxy Swirlers Crunch Shortbread
    D      Excellence Dark Intense Lime   D  Galaxy Wafer Curls Chocolate
    D      Excellence Dark Intense Mint   D  Galaxy Wafer Curls Hazelnut
    D      Excellence Dark Intense Orange   D  Maltesers
    D      Excellence Dark Intense Raspberry   D  Maltesers Teasers Bar
    D      Excellence Dark Roasted Hazelnut   D  Mars
    D      Excellence Dark Sea Salt   D  Mars Bites
    D      Excellence Milk Extra Creamy   D  Mars Choc Brownie
    D      Excellence White Vanilla   D  Mars Fun Size
    D      Lindor Bar Milk
    Listing refers to 100g bar only. None of the other    D  Mars Mix
    Lindor products are approved.   D  Milky Way
                                 D  Milky Way Crispy Rolls
      NK   Petits Desserts       D  Milky Way Fun Size
    D      Swiss Classic Milk Chocolate   D  Milky Way Magic Stars
                               Certified with or without KLBD logo.
    LION                                                       Bagels Bar • Bread • Burger Bar • Chikchak Noodles
      NK   All Products          D  Revels
    LUCKY COUNTRY                D  Snickers                  Eighty Six • Eli’s Pizza • Hummus Bar Golders Green
      SD   Licorice Apple        D  Snickers & Hazelnut       Hummus Bar Hendon • Kaifeng • La Fiesta • Mr Baker
      SD   Licorice Black        D  Snickers Bites
      SD   Licorice Blackcurrant   D  Snickers Crisp                Novellino • Novellino Bistro • Orli Caffe
      SD   Licorice Strawberry   D  Snickers Fun Size           Orli Bagel Bakery in the Wood • Sami’s Edgware
                                 D  Topic
    M & M’S                      D  Twix                      Sami’s Golders Green • Sami’s Hendon • Sushi Haven
    Only the products listed are kosher certified,    D  Twix Bites
    other varieties are not kosher.    D  Twix Fun Size     Taboon • Tasti Pizza Edgware • Tasti Pizza Stamford Hill
      D  Crunchy Caramel
    Available from August/ September 2020.   D  Twix Miniatures     Tish • White Fish • White House Express
                                 D  Twix Salted Caramel
      D  Eggs Chocolate          D  Twix Top
      D  Salted Caramel          D  Twix White
                                                    • 020 8343 6247
    12       k  Certified by the KLBD  k  Certified by the KLBD  P Approved Parev   D Dairy (not Chalav Yisrael)   NK Not Kosher  Nut Free  13
               (Parev) logo on pack
                                       (Parev) no logo
                                                                S Certified by other Rabbinates   CY Chalav Yisrael
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