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CONFECTIONERY CONT’D....   D      Dark Chocolate Toffee
                                                                                        D      Milk Chocolate
                                                             FERRERO                    D      Milk Chocolate Almond
                                                             D    Collection            D      Milk Chocolate Butterscotch
                                                             D      Eggs Cocoa          D      Milk Chocolate Sea Salt
                                                             D      Golden Gallery      D      White Chocolate
                                                             Includes boxes of 22 and 42 pieces.
                                                             D    Raffaello            Many products are kosher certified and bear the
                                                             D    Rocher               OK D logo. For a full list see
                                                             D      Rocher Grand
                                                             FIRETREE                  Haribo purchased from supermarkets and regular
                                                                                       shops is Not Kosher. A kosher version bearing a
                                                             k    Madagascar Sambirano Valley  hechsher is available from kosher stores.
                                                             k    Papua New Guinea Karkar Island
                                                             k    Phillipines Mindanao  HUBBA BUBBA
                                                             k    Solomon Islands Guadalcanal  P      Bubble Tape Cool Cola
                                                             69% and 100%.              P      Bubble Tape Fancy Fruits
                                                             k    Solomon Islands Makira Island  P      Bubble Tape Snappy Strawberry
                                                                                           Gum Atomic Apple
                                                             k    Vanuatu Malekula Island  P      Gum Original
                                                             FOX’S                      P      Gum Seriously Strawberry
                                                             P      Glacier Dark       JELLY BELLY
                                                             P      Glacier Fruits      S      Jelly Beans Assorted
                                                             P      Glacier Mints       S      Jelly Beans Fruit Bowl
                                                             P      Glacier Spearmints
                                                                                        S      Jelly Beans Ice Cream Parlour Mix
                                                             FOX’S                      S      Jelly Beans Smoothie Blend
                                                             D      Classic Original    S      Jelly Beans Sours
                                                             D      Rocky Caramel       S      Jelly Beans Tropical Mix
                                                             D      Rocky Chocolate     S      Sport Beans
                                                             FRUITTELLA                JUST BRAZILS
                                                             Fruittella products are Not Kosher.  D    Dark
                                                                                        D    Milk
                                                               NK   Chocolate Cream    JUST WHOLEFOODS
                                                               NK   Peppermint Cream   Available from Ocado.
                                                             D      Turkish Delight    k    Fruit Jellies Frooty Fruits
                                                                                       k    Fruit Jellies Vegebears
                                                             GO NUTZ                   k    Fruit Jellies Vegebears Slightly Sour
                                                             Chocolate coated fruit, nuts and confectionery
                                                             bearing the KLBD logo. Available from kosher   KINDER
                                                             stores. For a full list see  D    Bueno
                                                             GODIVA                     D      Bueno Dark
                                                             Many pre-packaged products are kosher   D      Bueno White
                                                             certified and bear the OU D logo. Those with no   D      Choco Bons
                                                             logo are not permitted. When buying loose from
                                                             a shop counter they should be able to advise   Includes Mini.
                                                             which chocolates are kosher.  D    Chocolate
                                                             GREEN & BLACK’S ORGANIC    D      Chocolate Cereals
                                                             D      Collection Classic  D      Chocolate Medium
                                                             D      Collection Connoisseur  D      Happy Hippo Cocoa
                                                             D      Collection Milk     D      Happy Hippo Hazelnut
                                                             D      Collection Tasting  D    Joy
                                                             P      Dark Chocolate 70%  D    Surprise
                                                             P      Dark Chocolate 85%
                                                             P      Dark Chocolate Ginger  KINNERTON
                                                             P      Dark Chocolate Hazelnut & Currant  D      Milk Chocolate Character Bars
                                                             P      Dark Chocolate Maya Gold  D      Milk Chocolate Character Lollipops

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